2018, 8.5"x11"

When I first started taking pictures of the things I see or experience daily, I did not think much of it. I simply followed my instinct as a photographer and took photos of anything I find interesting. And from time to time, I would stop for a moment and question myself on my own intentions. Why was it that I took a picture of this and that? I asked, but I never got a clear answer. 

After a long while, I had a good collection of these seemingly unrelated images. I laid them in front of me and I tried to organize them. As I placed them side by side on the table, a narrative slowly emerged. It was almost like seeing an image slowly appear on a piece of photo paper, as you rinse it through a shallow pan of chemicals. Suddenly, I could see so clearly as to what I have been trying to record with my camera. I could see how these photos are connected and I could read the tales they portray. The photos tell a story of what my life is like, what I see in it, and what I wish to see more in it. It is a story of the ordinary and how the ordinary has become so invaluable to me. 

This book of photos I created presents the exploration and discoveries I did of my surroundings. It illustrates the connection between my internal and external world, as well as showing my process of identifying the moments and subjects that linked the two worlds together. Photography is an intriguing form of artistic expression that allows me to record almost anything I wish to memorize. It taught me to slow down and appreciate all the little things in life, whether they are ordinary or not. This book is exactly a collection of such things, things of the mundane, and things that are mundane but alluring.

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