Concreter Jungles 


20”x 30”, digital print

Concrete Jungles is a diary that documents the urban outdoor plant life in high density cities. Intending to recreate a natural environment in a modern metropolis, we install artificial landscapes throughout our cities. We often retain isolated existing trees that have long been standing where they are before the arrival of their human neighbours. Other times, we simply erase all traces of pre-existing natural greenery. We then flatten out the land before replacing the space with carefully choreographed manmade Edens. It is all but an effort to reconnect ourselves with nature as she is innately weaved into our biology. I morn for the lone solemn trees that live between slabs of concrete pavements. And there is withal a sense of pity for the loss of connection between us and nature, as we ceaselessly expand our cold stony walls throughout the land.

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